About Us

ROFLTron domains was founded after I had become annoyed by the sales tactics used by other registrars. I was tired of the constant upsell attempts (ten-page checkout process; no, I really don't want to pay for domain parking, ssl certs, hosting, ugh!) and I was tired of deceptive pricing schemes. Often, I found that the renewal cost was two to three times the initial registration cost.

After searching in vain for a low cost but no nonsense registrar, I decided to start up my own service. The advantages of ROFLTron domains:

  • There is one price for each TLD. The price is the same if you are transferring, renewing or purchasing a domain for the first time.
  • No upsell. You choose the domains you want, create an account and enter payment info. You won't be harrased to buy any extras.
  • Email forwarding, web forwarding & DNS management are included in the price of the domain - with a simple management interface too :)

In the long term, and for those hosting problematic content/services, I can assure you of the following:

  • I couldn't care less about DMCA takedown notices, complaints about content, or anything else. If someone has a problem with what's on your domain, they won't be getting any help from me. I'm not located in the US so I can safely ignore the majority of these complaints.
  • I care about your (and my own) privacy. Short of a court order, I won't be handing any personal information out.

I hope you find that ROFLTron domains is the service that you're looking for :)